Stretch is one of thirty pieces done for a series called Criticism. The original is a 5x5 gouache and ink painting. The original and prints are for sell on my etsy account.
Prints are available on Etsy
The colors really mixed well on him. Some of the other have more of a color scheme, but he just turned into a rainbow, not that I mind. Being that this was for my senior show, and I rather not embarrass my poor mother with "naughty" bits, it was a challenge to find enough poses both male and female that were some what covered that I could edit around.
Underwear model work great, if anyone else has this problem. 

A couple close ups


Emesis is one of ten paintings that depict the lesser know senses. The painting is done with acrylic and a few white charcoal highlights. It's painted on 2ft x2ft plywood. 

While I was doing this one, I had a few people ask what is this sense. Basically it's the sense of throwing up... Puke didn't make for a very good title so luckily there's a scientific term for vomiting and that is how Emesis got it's title. It made it a little less graphic. 
I really went for the "heavy" look while designing the jewelry in this painting. Because when I'm sick that's how I feel. Heavy and no engery to do anything but lay around. I fell I got a little gem happy, tough. It turned into literally vomiting crystals--I made them green on purpose ;)


Itch is one of ten paintings that depict the lesser know senses. The painting is done with acrylic and a few white charcoal highlights. It's painted on 2ft x2ft plywood. 

Out of the ten she is one of my favorites. The jewelry laid really nice on the figure. I'm trying to convince someone in the metals/jewelry making department to do some of these (Since I have an irrational fear of fire and power tools.) I think it would be really cool to see them in real life. 
Her pose also worked really well, for the Sense of Itch, or Itching. 


Direction is one of ten pieces that depict the lesser know senses. The painting is done with acrylic and a few white charcoal highlights. It's painted on 2ft x2ft plywood. 
This sucker is heavy when you're having to carry it up and downstairs with 9 others.
We all know the main 5 sense (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), but one day I was sitting in class and a teacher mentioned there were others. He started listening all these other other sense off, and I had a moment of: why hadn't I noticed that before, and I was slightly annoyed because in grade school, beside the normal five, we had never talked about them. 
The jewelry represents today's technology mentality that everything needs to be enhanced. I was watching some TedTalks about seeing sound as colors, and virtual reality glasses, and it just seemed like the natural was no longer good enough. 
Side Note: unfortunately the background did not photograph well. I coated the figure and drew out small segments of a circu…

Figure Sketches

Figure sketches

For the first part of my sketchbook, I only used pencil, and now I regret it. Charcoal is just some much faster and easier, if only it didn't smug so badly... 

I'd try pen, but it's a little too permeant.

Side Note: I had a teacher who preached you can't get a good drawing unless it's from life. Photos would never cut it. So he's going through my sketchbook and stop at the feet picture below, and says, "This one is really good. This one must be from life, right?" It was really satisfying to tell him nope, it was a photo. He got really quiet after that.

Criticism: "Gouache Off" Process

Criticism Series
 hung all together with 30 gouache and ink paintings. The series deals with how even though the figures pictures above would be consider "physically" appealing, and I personally view as beautiful, someone will still find a flaw with them. And that person maybe even be the individual themselves. 
Each painting is 5"x5" and are hung with chains and clips. (Sounds like the Justin Timberlake song. Ha!)
Close ups

"Gouache Off" Process  (A professor showed us this technique in a media experimental class)Draw out your imagePaint anywhere on your image where you want the ink to wash off. It has to be gouache and make it thick. Watercolor is not opaque enough to keep the ink from getting to the paper. Note that whatever color you use will stain the paper.After the gouache as dried, paint black ink over the entire image. (I used black India Ink)Try not to paint the same place twice. It'll reactive the gouache and start coming up.Let the…

"Cage or Kill"


"Conceal" and "Concealed"

Conceal and Concealed
Conceal and Concealed started from picking two random words from the dictionary. They were Imp and Wintry. I looked up imp and found the usual demon-like creature, and that imp-ing was the act of repairing hawk wings. I decided to use each of the definitions to portray the different things men and woman are expected to keep hidden. Wintry was reflected in the pose and color choices. I also focused on using just lines to give it some movement and a little more tension. 

The drawings are done with acrylic and charcoal on paper.

Side note: I thought it was pretty cool that the girl's hands look like they could also be the imp's. It added to the creepy factor.