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Tracing Shadow Designs is an exhibit of my artwork. It ranges from figures, to landscapes and animals. I've tried about everything. I was obsessed with minimalistic artwork, that focused on shadow for awhile. I went through a stint with digital illustration, I've tried oil and watercolor, now I'm mostly an acrylic painter.

I'm nearly finished with my BFA and debating to continue on to get a master. I want to use this blog to showcase my recent work but to also show the old. As a student, I'd look at painters and see how amazing they were, and like the majority of artists, they posted their best work and only that.

It was kind of crushed my morale because I thought I'd never amount to anything close to what they were doing. So rather than hide my embarrassing past of super bad art, I'm going to show the progress. We all start somewhere, and when I look at my old work compare to my recent it starts gluing those crushed pieces back together.

I feel art is a journey and some parts are rough. Okay, the majority of art-making is rough, but this is my way of showing others you're not alone. We all go through the process and with time we all get better :)


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