male figure

Anger is one of thirty piece done for a series called Criticism. The original is a 5x5 gouache and ink painting. The original and prints are for sell on my etsy account

Prints are available on Etsy.

His face wasn't this pissed off looking at first. It was more questioning when I first drew it out, but after putting the ink on, he just looked mad. Doesn't help that his eyes are like black holes, but overall, I decided to just embrace the pissed off attitude. I think he turned out pretty good.

Side note: I've gone through a few art teachers over the years, and when it comes to painting small, (these are only 5"x5") one told me just do the shadow shapes. Edit out all the rest because the picture is so small that if you include all those detail it'll look like a mess.
It's helped me a lot to just forget all the little details, like in the eyes and even lips and just do general shapes. Kind of like the impressionists did in their work. People can fill in a lot of the details with just a little bit of direction.


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