"Cage or Kill"

Bird Drawing
Cage or Kill

Cage or Kill is exploring mapping. It's commonly done using city layouts, blueprint, topographical type imagery, very geometric and grid like, but I decided to do bird wings. It was really interesting to look at the differences in each wing. (The biggest one is a hummingbird). The birds range from crows to toucans. 

My brother and grandpa are avid hunters and shoot starring and magpies on a regular basis. At the same time, my parents have two finches in their living room. They wake up with the sun, so in the morning those birds are the most annoying things in the world, but it made me start thinking how some birds we see as nuisances and other we choose to keep as pets.

Cage or Kill is about 5 ft by 4.5 ft and is done with charcoal and acrylic on watercolor paper. 

Side note: when you use watercolor paper this big, bend it the wrong way and it'll rip right in half. I put some blue tape along the back to try and protect it, but the top still has a small tear from taking it off a wall.

Additional Fun Fact: A girl was standing by me as I poured the red/blood onto the drawing and she audible gasped and said "you killed them." I didn't know whether to laugh or feel guilty for killing silhouettes...

Close ups


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