Criticism: "Gouache Off" Process

Criticism Series


 hung all together with 30 gouache and ink paintings. The series deals with how even though the figures pictures above would be consider "physically" appealing, and I personally view as beautiful, someone will still find a flaw with them. And that person maybe even be the individual themselves. 

Each painting is 5"x5" and are hung with chains and clips. (Sounds like the Justin Timberlake song. Ha!)

Close ups

"Gouache Off" Process 

(A professor showed us this technique in a media experimental class)

  1. Draw out your image
  2. Paint anywhere on your image where you want the ink to wash off. It has to be gouache and make it thick. Watercolor is not opaque enough to keep the ink from getting to the paper. 
  3. Note that whatever color you use will stain the paper.
  4. After the gouache as dried, paint black ink over the entire image. (I used black India Ink)
  5. Try not to paint the same place twice. It'll reactive the gouache and start coming up.
  6. Let the ink dry and then take it to the sink.
  7. Put it under the water and gently start rubbing off the ink/gouache until you get it to a state that you like.
  8. I then smash it between two boards to dry and flatten it.
  9. At lastly, re-paint. 
It's a long process. Way longer than I thought it would be, but you're basically doing about three paintings in one piece. It creates a really cool effect, though. I also put tape around the edges to leave a white border. I wanted the ink to seep under in some places. I wasn't too concerned about it, so be careful if you want a clean edge instead. 


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