Woman bowing

Direction is one of ten pieces that depict the lesser know senses. The painting is done with acrylic and a few white charcoal highlights. It's painted on 2ft x2ft plywood. 

This sucker is heavy when you're having to carry it up and downstairs with 9 others.

We all know the main 5 sense (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), but one day I was sitting in class and a teacher mentioned there were others. He started listening all these other other sense off, and I had a moment of: why hadn't I noticed that before, and I was slightly annoyed because in grade school, beside the normal five, we had never talked about them. 

The jewelry represents today's technology mentality that everything needs to be enhanced. I was watching some TedTalks about seeing sound as colors, and virtual reality glasses, and it just seemed like the natural was no longer good enough. 

Side Note: unfortunately the background did not photograph well. I coated the figure and drew out small segments of a circuit board with a glass medium, and between fighting the glare and everything else I need to find a better way to do it. Happy to hear any ideas!

In the end,  I found 20 "other" senses and choose to do 10. And as you can see this is: Sense of Direction. 


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