"Out" and "In"

In and Out

Figure Drawing  Figure drawing

In and Out are drawing done with charcoal and acrylic on paper. They depicted the person we let others see and the one we keep hidden.  

I'm usually stay within the realism realm in my work. I'm not a super precision artist, but I don't do much abstract either. My professor was a little surprised when these drawings turned up. She pretty much asked me if I was hiding any other styles from her, because they were so different for me. But I felt the process that went into this semi-abstract figures made sense. 

My professor was trying to get everyone out of their comfort zone, loosen us up a bit. So we tacked two pieces of paper to the wall, and she told us to write our name. Again and again, for about ten minutes non-stop. My hand was cramping by the end of it. After that we did another ten minutes of erasing, non-stop. By this point, everyone's arms felt like it was going to fall off. Then she gave us twenty minutes to somehow find a fore, middle, and background in the image. 

So in my oblivious way, I started finding shapes and shading them in. I kept doing that for the next 20 minutes. When she said stop, I looked around and I instantly thought, well I'm clearly on my own page here. There were pictures of grave yards, cities, rooms, landscapes even, and mine was this abstract blobs, which really confused my professor, since going by my other works, I should have gone the representational route.

After that, we were told to take these images and find away to reflect our inner and outer self in them. Since in essence our names had once been written all over the page at one point. And I had an "alright let's do this moment," and dragged out the charcoal and acrylic. Some people coped out and just gesso-ed the entire thing white again. I used a little bit myself, but I wanted to keep a bit of the under layer visible. It's pretty faint but in some areas, I can still make out parts of my name. 


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