Process of "Dad"

 Steps to "Dad"

Dad is a acrylic, ink and charcoal painting on 10"x20" canvass. 

I did a series consisting of my family members (10 to be exact). This one, as the title suggests, is of my dad. With the series I was trying to represent the person's personality with the color choices. He's a bit cold when you first meet him and warms up over time, so the obvious choice would be blue, and I went obvious. And I just notice I choice an image with him in snow gear. Ha!

Side note: Canvass is the worst thing to draw on. It rips your hands apart. I ended up sanding it to try and smooth out the texture. 

The process is pretty simple, line drawing, throw in some charcoal shading, spray on the fixative, and wipe out the acrylics. I used a garbage bag (duel purpose of a drop cloth) to get the textures in the background. He was one of my family's favorite, my sisters are still complaining about theirs... 


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